Sparql Playground

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SPARQL playground is a standalone multi-platform web application used to learn SPARQL (implemented in Java Spring Boot and AngularJS).

It uses Sesame 2.8.6 as SPARQL Engine.

It is beeing developed at the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

See the poster to have a quick overview of the tool.

Or see a live demo directly here:

You can also see a live version of nextprot samples here:


Predefined RDF scenarios / datasets

There are some scenarios predefined:

Slides of the SPARQL course at SIB Lausanne, 8th of November 2016

Other presentations

Create your own RDF scenario (no programming skills are required)

Your directory should follow this convention:


Technology in use


The project is opensource and free under the GNU GPL v2 License. The sources are available on GitHub.

This project was forked from the neXtProt snorql interface.


For any related questions do not hesitate to contact us.