C2MON : CERN Control and Monitoring Platform

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The CERN Control and Monitoring Platform (C2MON) is a heterogeneous data acquisition and monitoring framework. It contains many useful features such as historical metric persistence and browsing, command execution and alerting. It can be suitable for building many different types of monitoring and control system or a full SCADA application.


See the current reference docs.

Issue tracking

All C2MON issues are tracked and maintained within the CERN JIRA system. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected]

Release notes

Please have a look into the CHANGELOG.md file.

Milestone planning

Find here the complete list of all existing version milestones.

Downloading latest stable server tarball

The C2MON server tarball can be downloaded from CERN Nexus Repository

Please check also the CHANGELOG.md to find out the latest stable release version.

Building from Source

C2MON uses a Maven-based build system. In the instructions below, ./mvnw is invoked from the root of the source tree and serves as a cross-platform, self-contained bootstrap mechanism for the build.


Git and JDK 11.0.6 or later

Be sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable points to the JDK 11 folder extracted from the JDK download.


To reduce the boiler plate code we make use of the latest Lombok, which requires to be setup in your IDE in order to compile the project.

Check out sources

git clone [email protected]:c2mon/c2mon.git

Compile and test; build all jars, distribution tarball, and docs

./mvnw package -pl \!docs -DskipDocker=true


Pull requests are welcome; see the contributor guidelines for details.


C2MON is released under the GNU LGPLv3 License.