Pixie is an image(s) labeling/annotation application which allows the user to label his images using the follwings:

Before using Pixie, we highly recomand to read the user manual. Alternatively the user manual can be found in Pixie's deliverables.

As it is very well known, an image is worth a thousound words, so here there are some output images labeled using Pixie

The very well known Bounding Box labeling:

Polygon labeling:

Semantic segmentation:

Before and after image compilations; they are shown only as demonstrator

Semantic segmentation video file

Watch the video

Features List

To be updated



Pixie is implemented in Java, hence the java runtime environment(JRE) is necessary to run the application. Pixie has been tested using JRE 8, both Oracle's and OpenJDK.

Build project

The project can be built using Netbeans/IntelliJ/eclipse projects or using the Ant build files. TO BE CONTINUED