Ingress "broot" mod

It's a modification of official Ingress app for Android. It works by patching apk file, project sources don't contain any prioprietary bits of NianticLabs.

Unfortunately it's not that easy to build it from sources, because it was developed as a set of helper scripts and it depends highly on an environment and many additional tools. For this reason at this moment it's not recommended for regular users. It's for developers. If you aren't one then search for already built apks in the internet.


Other features:


07.07.2013 - v1.30.2-broot-1.0.0 has been released!

Quick build instructions

  1. Import Ingress apk using script. Names analyzer will be called automatically.
  2. (Optional) Run if you want to add support for HVGA and QVGA.
  3. Run to create two optimized apk files: regular and muted.

Files and directories



Patching scripts won't work with already patched sources, so usual use case is to run followed by a set of,,, to get what you want.

For now there is no usage help for scripts - look into sources.


It depends on multiple jars and command line tools:

Of course some of these deps are needed for some actions only.

I want to create a "deps pack" to simply unpack it into lib directory, but it's not high on my todo list.


This mod is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0 .