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The WYSIWYG web editor by Bonita. //TODO screenshot

Create your own pages for your Bonita application or your own project.

Quick start



Using Maven

Using Docker


Application is now available at http://localhost:50000/bonita/

Start creating your pages, take a look at the Documentation.

To go further

How does it work

The UI-designer is composed of a Java backend application and an AngularJs frontend. It is packaged in a war file and provided by default in the Bonita Studio

It produces standalone AngularJs pages that are compatible with Bonita platform.


Report issues

If you want to report an issue or a bug use our official bugtracker

How to contribute

Before contributing, read the guidelines

Build and Test


You can build entire project using maven.

mvn clean package

This will build frontend and backend and create two artifacts : backend/target/ui-designer-1.11.0-SNAPSHOT.war backend/target/ui-designer-1.11.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar


while running mvn clean package only unit tests are run. If you want to run the integration tests, run the following command

mvn clean install -Pintegration-test

Also frontend e2e test could be launched via

mvn clean install -Pe2e


To run build standalone jar, just launch it as a standard jar :

java -jar backend/target/ui-designer-1.11.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar [-Dworkspace=/path/to/workspace] [-Drepository.widgets=/path/widgets/repository] [-Drepository.pages=/path/pages/repository][]

Application is now available at http://localhost:8080/designer/

You can specify workspace location where pages and widgets are stored. Default value is {user.home}/.bonita

Available options can be listed by running

java -jar backend/target/ui-designer-1.11.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar -h

Other available options are listed here :


Backend and frontend side could be launched in dev mode by using script. It launch gulp serve backend task, waits for jetty to be running then launches gulp serve frontend task.

$ ./

You can access the application at http://localhost:3000/index-dev.html, backend side is accessible at http://localhost:8080/

Debug mode

How to debug backend with some breakpoint ?

In community/backend run debug mode:

    mvnDebug jetty:run

Go in your IDE, edit run configuration: Select Remote. Only change port value (5000 by default) to value display in your shell. Run this configuration in debug.

In community/frontend, run:

    yarn start

Now you can debug your application with breakpoint.


You can run the ui-designer locally using Docker (of course, you need to install Docker to do so). The Dockerfile is a really simple one, using a base image with java7, adding the build standalone jar and starting it. Before building docker image, you need to build the project.

To build the image :

docker build -t bonita/ui-designer .

To run the image built with the previous command :

docker run -p 8080 bonita/ui-designer

This will start the builder on a random port on your docker host (either the local host if you're running linux, or the boot2docker VM if you're on MacOS). For boot2docker, you can find your VM IP with :

boot2docker ip

You can find the random port used with :

docker ps

For example, the application can start on ( being the default boot2docker IP and 49153 the random port used).

You can also run the image on a fixed port, 8000 for example, with :

docker run -p 8000:8080 bonita/ui-designer