Old School RuneScape Client

This is a new project dedicated to creating a Free and Open Source OSRS reflection client.


osrsclient can be easily built using the Apache Ant build script included in the repository.

git clone http://github.com/bmoyer/osrsclient
ant -f osrsclient -Dnb.internal.action.name=rebuild clean jar 


Make sure you have JRE 1.7+ installed, and the java executable in your path variables. java -jar osrsclient/dist/RSClient.jar


If you would like to contribute to osrsclient, fork this repository and work on your changes in your fork. Make a pull request against this repository once you've made your changes.

Current Features

-OSRS Hiscore lookup, showing progress to next level and experience totals
-OSRS (Zybez) Market lookup, filter offers by type
-Notepad for storing info, pasting quest guides, etc

Future Features

-IRC Chat client, supporting multiple IRC servers at once
-Full reflection integration (XP trackers, potion timers, etc)