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BlobCity DB is an All-in-One Database. It offers support for natively storing 17 different formats of data, including JSON, XML, CSV, PDF, Word, Excel, Log, GIS, Image amongst others. It run two full feature storage engines. One that stores data in memory and the other that stores data on disk. In-memory storage offers sheer performance for real-time analytics, while the disk storage make BlobCity an excellent alternative for DataLakes.

Supported Data Formats

Push data in any of these 17 formats: JSON, XML, CSV, SQL, Plaintext, PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, ZIP, Log, Powerpoint, syslog, audio files, video files, image files, GIS

Multi-Model Example

JSON Record

{"col1": 1, "col2": 2}

XML Record


Auto created table schema and data

col1 col2
1 2
3 4

Push variety of data into a single collection within BlobCity, and get back a standardised response.

user$ nc localhost 10113
You are now inside the BlobCity DB console
Type 'help' for assistance and 'exit' to quit
blobcity>create-ds test
Datastore successfully created
blobcity>create-collection test.test
Collection successfully created

blobcity>insert into test.test JSON
In insert mode. Type 1 JSON per line and press enter to insert
{"col1": 1, "col2": 2}
Exited insert mode

blobcity>insert into test.test XML
In insert mode. Type 1 XML per line and press enter to insert
Exited insert mode

blobcity>sql test: select * from test.test

blobcity>sql test: select col1 from test.test

blobcity>set-column-type test.test col1 integer 
Column type successfully updated in schema

blobcity>sql test: select SUM(col1) from test.test

The above example shows inserting both JSON and XML recoreds into the same collection. The DB seamlessly creates columns and merges the columns to allow querying of both records using SQL.


Get Started


On BlobCity Cloud

Store unlimited data for free and pay only for what you analyse. Delivers ultra high speed analytics over multi-tenant infrastructure, starting at $10/month.

Start Now

Using Docker

docker run -i -p 10111:10111 -p 10113:10113 blobcity/db

Once container is started, open a telnet connection on port 10113 to connect to over network CLI.

nc localhost 10113
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
You are now inside the BlobCity DB console
Type 'help' for assistance and 'exit' to quit

A random auto-generated password is placed at /mnt/data/root-pass.txt. This file can be found within the container. It can be fetched from within the container, or by mounting this folder to an external mount point.

docker run -i -v /my-folder:/mnt/data -p 10111:10111 -p 10113:10113 blobcity/db

The password file can now be found at /my-folder/root-pass.txt on your computer.

Using Binary Distribution

Supported only on Unix & MacOS distributions

Download latest tar.gz archive from the releases.

Decompress the download file, then run from inside the bin folder.

user>tar -xvf blobcity-db-x.x.x.tar.gz
user>cd blobcity-db-x.x.x/bin
user>sh ./

JAVA_HOME must be set to a JDK / JRE version 8 or higher for the DB to be booted.

The database will create a folder called data at blobcity-db-x.x.x/data. The randomly generated root user password can be found inside a text file at blobcity-db-x.x.x/data/root-pass.txt.

Use this password to connect to the CLI console to start using the DB. It is recommended that the data folder be stored at a difference location than the boot volume, and the volume be XFS formatted.

The location of the data folder can be set by editing the file and uncommenting the following line and setting a folder path of your choice.


Look at some of the best practices for optimal disk storage performance.


BlobCity is a winner of Economic Times Power of Ideas (Season 2), is funded by CIIE IIM-Ahmedabad and is a graduate from NetApp Excellerator (Cohort #2).




Join our Slack community and request to become a contributor. We encourage your contributions :)


BlobCity DB was created by Sanket Sarang along with notable contributions from Akshay Dewan and Karun Japhet, amongst others. BlobCity DB is sponsored by BlobCity, Inc..


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0


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Kraken was our internal project code name until open sourcing. You may still find some mentions of it in the code docs.