Synopsys Detect consolidates the functionality of Black Duck™ , Black Duck Binary Analysis™ (formerly known as Protecode SC) and Coverity™ on Polaris™ into a single solution. Synopsys Detect is designed to integrate natively into the build/CI environment and support all Coverity languages for Static Analysis. For Black Duck & Black Duck Binary Analysis, it makes it easier to set up and scan code bases using a variety of languages and package managers to identify open source risk.


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Where can I get the latest release?

Available from GitHub for Linux/MacOS by running:
bash <(curl -s -L https://detect.synopsys.com/detect.sh)

Available from GitHub for Windows by running:
powershell "[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = 'tls12'; irm https://detect.synopsys.com/detect.ps1?$(Get-Random) | iex; detect"

For scripts, please see Detect Scripts

For AirGap, please use our Artifactory.


The latest documentation is here.

Links to other versions can be found here.