3Dscript is a plugin for Fiji/ImageJ for creating 3D and 4D animations of microscope data. In contrast to existing 3D visualization packages, animations are not keyframe-based, but are described by a natural language-based syntax.

Find more information at https://bene51.github.io/3Dscript


Tested hardware:

Graphics card Operating system
NVIDIA Quadro P2000 Windows 10
NVIDIA Quadro M4000 Windows 10
NVIDIA Quadro M2000 Windows 10
NVIDIA Quadro K620 Windows 10
NVIDIA Quadro K600 Windows 10
NVIDIA Quadro K420 Windows 7
NVIDIA GeForce GTX760 Windows 7
AMD FirePro W5100 Windows 7
Intel HD Graphics 4600 Windows 7
Intel HD Graphics 4000 Mac OS X
Intel HD Graphics 5000 Mac OS X
Intel HD Graphics 530 Windows 10



Rendering of 200 frames of this data set will typically take less than a minute on an OpenCL-enabled Graphics Card. The resulting stack can be saved as a video file using Fiji's File>Save As>AVI... command.

To run the software on another data set, open a different image stack (instead of the T1 Head sample data) before running 3Dscript.

More information is available at https://bene51.github.io/3Dscript