Deep Java Library examples

The repository contains the source code of the examples for Deep Java Library (DJL) - an framework-agnostic Java API for deep learning.

Malicious URL Detector

An example application detects malicious urls based on a trained Character Level CNN model.

Live Object Detection

An example application detects live objects from web camera.

Visualizing Training with DJL

An example application features a web UI to track and visualize metrics such as loss and accuracy.

Pneumonia Detection

An example application detects Pneumonia based on X-ray images using a trained Keras model.

AWS Kinesis Video Streams

An example application that reads the output of a KVS Stream.

Serverless Model Serving with AWS Lambda

An example application that serves deep learning model with AWS Lambda.

Model Serving on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Build a micro service to deploy on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Spark Image Classification

Contains Spark image classification demos.

Use multiple engines in single JVM

An example application that runs multiple deep learning frameworks in one Java Process.