Easily store and index the images of Mars published by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This project includes a Java application for storing the data in DynamoDB or DynamoDB Local and a frontend web application for interacting with and display the images. Provides an example of how to store JSON data in DynamoDB using the low-level Java SDK and query data from DynamoDB using the DynamoDB Document SDK for JavaScript.

Getting Started

To run the demo locally with DynamoDB Local with a small subset of metadata, please run the following commands

    > cd viewer
    > npm install
    > bower install
    > grunt serve

Minimum Requirements

Building from Source

Image Ingester

You can build the Java application using Maven. Go to the directory ingester and run the following command

    > mvn clean install

Image Viewer

You can build and run the frontend web application with the following commands.

    > npm install
    > bower install
    > grunt build

Data Source / Data Ingestion Scheme

JSON image data is from [http://json.jpl.nasa.gov/data.json http://json.jpl.nasa.gov/data.json]. The image ingester is included and found under directory photo_ingester.

Release Notes