Amazon MQ Workshop: Lab Guide

Overview of Workshop Labs

The Amazon MQ Workshop introduces the relevant concepts and features of a message driven application using Amazon MQ. You will learn how to set-up an Amazon MQ broker and how to connect senders and receivers to exchange messages. This also includes using different protocols to demonstrate the protocol interoperability features Amazon MQ provides.

We will also dive into the security and monitoring features Apache Active MQ provides out of the box, and what Amazon MQ adds on top of them.

At the end, we will look at how the broker fail-over works in a Multi-AZ set-up and how long does it takes.

Workshop Architecture

The architecture for this workshop is the following:

Workshop architecture



This section provides a list of prerequisites that are required to successfully complete the workshop.

  1. An AWS account and the proper rights to use Amazon MQ, Amazon CloudFormation, Amazon IAM, AWS Cloud9, Amazon S3 and Amazon VPC.

Let's Begin! Launch the CloudFormation Stack

Lab Descriptions

Each of the labs in this workshop are independent and you may choose to do some or all of them, and in any order that you prefer. Only the first lab is compulsory, where you learn how to set-up an Amazon MQ broker.

Workshop Cleanup

This section provides instructions to tear down your environment when you're done working on the labs. Workshop cleanup instructions