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Friendly Plans


Friendly Plans is an application supporting autism treatment. It provides a digital version of activity schedules. More about treatment (ENG): PCDI website

The app is being used by a group of users and therapists. Everyone can download it (version 1.x) from Google Play.

The following article and short film show the usage of the app in the Institute for Child Development in Gdańsk:

The project was started by students from Gdańsk University of Technology. First version of the app is still available in the Google Play store and it's source code is on branch v1.x. Version 1.x is legacy as we're currently working on Friendly Plans 2.0. The application is being developed in the cooperation with Code for Poland community (ePaństwo foundation's program).


The project is developing by people who want to make other people's life easier. Because of this Friendly Plans is going to be free to use, download and develop for everybody, forever. Except as otherwise noted, this software is licensed under the GNU General Public License, v3


If you would like to become a part of community, you are welcome to join and contribute. Your help is needed. It is easy to get in touch via the project's forum, conversations in issues or slack.


We are using GitHub Flow. Please create pull requests to master branch.


A great place to start is the project's Wiki

Making a long story short: