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Atomist Rug command-line interface for creating and running rugs.

See the Rug CLI Quick Start post and Rug CLI documentation for more detailed information.


See Rug CLI Installation for installation instructions or on how to run the CLI in a Docker container.


General support questions should be discussed in the #support channel on our community slack team at

If you find a problem, please create an issue.


You can build, test, and install the project locally with maven.

$ mvn install


To create a new release of the project, simply push a tag of the form M.N.P where M, N, and P are integers that form the next appropriate semantic version for release. For example:

$ git tag -a 1.2.3

The Travis CI build (see badge at the top of this page) will automatically create a GitHub release using the tag name for the release and the comment provided on the annotated tag as the contents of the release notes. It will also automatically upload the needed artifacts.

To create the Markdown source for the Rug CLI reference documentation available at, first checkout the tag of the release for which you want to generate the documentation, execute at least up to the package phase of the build, and then run the main method in the MkDocs class, redirecting its output to the Rug CLI reference documentation file where you have the end-user-documentation repository checked out.

$ git checkout M.N.P
$ mvn package
$ java -cp target/rug-cli-*-SNAPSHOT.jar com.atomist.rug.cli.command.MkDocs \
    > ../path/to/end-user-documentation/docs/reference/rug-cli/

You will then need to commit, push, and publish the end-user documentation.

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