Spring Pet Clinic example using Spring-Boot, Thymeleaf, AOP, MVC, Embedded Tomcat, Security, and more.

Technology stack

Spring Features

To run this application

Using Embedded Apache Tomcat:

mvn spring-boot:run

You can then access the sample here: http://localhost:8080/

Logins are found in data.sql. Passwords are the same as the user name.

Spring Boot Remote Shell

To access this application via SSH, use the username sshuser with password sshpassword on port 2000.

Example: ssh -p 2000 [email protected]

Type help for a list of commands. See [http://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/htmlsingle/#production-ready-remote-shell](Monitoring and management using a remote shell).

Use of Profiles

For the sake of simplicity, there are 3 profiles:

Use different databases depending on profile. Database Initialization


I removed all PUT requests from the application. Please see http://zacharyvoase.com/2009/07/03/http-post-put-diff/ for more information.

TODO / To Fix

Spring Boot Auditing

Add implementation for a lock-out policy based on authentication failures.

Packaging executable jar application

This works, with the caveat that the embedded Tomcat cannot find the keystore in the embedded JAR file, which means the file must be found in the file system and must be properly referenced from application.properties.

"Whitelabel" Error Page

Ensure error handling is happening properly.