LeafPic Revived

LeafPic Revived is a fluid, material-designed alternative gallery, it also is ad-free and open source under GPLv3 license. It doesn't miss any of the main features of a stock gallery.

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Supporting Maintenance

If you'd like to support the ongoing maintenance and development of this project, please consider contributing:

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If you are a developer and you wish to contribute to the app please fork the project and submit a pull request on the dev branch.


You can trace the status of known issues here.


NOTE Existing translations are included as per the last commit to the GitLab project. New translations are not currently available.


LeafPic is licensed under the GNU v3 Public License. In addition to the terms set by the GNU v3 Public License, we ask that if you use any code from this repository that you send us a message to let us know.


The original LeafPic is abandoned: https://gitlab.com/HoraApps/LeafPic/issues/605#note_155379129 This is a copy of the GitLab source code, updated to AndroidX, with some elements removed.