Title: Apache Velocity Tools

Apache Velocity Tools

Welcome to the VelocityTools projects. This is a subproject of the Apache Velocity project hosted at http://velocity.apache.org/

The VelocityTools project contains several subprojects:

velocity-tools-generic/             A collection of general purpose tools
velocity-tools-view/                Tools servlets and filters for use in a webapp
velocity-tools-jsp/                 Tools for a J2EE JSP context
  velocity-tools-examples-simple/   Simple examples
  velocity-tools-examples-showcase/ A full webapp demonstrating tools


Apache Velocity Tools 3.0 will run with any Java runtime engine v2+.

Building from source requires Java development kit v1.8 or greater and Maven 3 (3.0.5+).

Maven should fetch all needed dependencies for compile ant run time, which are:

Plus the following ones, needed for the integrated tests:


Release with the same major number are intended to be drop-in replacements. However, in most cases the versions of dependency jars must be adjusted because newer versions of Velocity might require updates.

Upgrading from Velocity Tools 2.0 to Velocity Tools 3.0

Dependency changes

Behavor / API changes

You can consult the full list of changes

Upgrading from earlier versions

Please refer to Tools 2.0 upgrading instructions.

Building Apache Velocity Tools

In order to use the latest version of Apache Velocity Tools, you may want to build it.

Building is easy. All components necessary to build are included or get downloaded from the internet during the build, except for the Java SDK and the Maven build tool.

IMPORTANT As the Apache Velocity Tools build process wants to download a number of jars from the internet, you must be online when you are building for the first time.

To build the Velocity Tools' jars, just run maven using the command:


This will create a target/ directory containing the Velocity tools .jar file in each sub-module directory.


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