JAX-RS Whiteboard

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Aries JAX-RS Whiteboard is the reference implementation of the OSGi JAX-RS Services Whiteboard 1.0.


The whiteboard is configured using configuration admin.

PID Purpose
org.apache.aries.jax.rs.whiteboard.default Default JAX-RS Whiteboard instance
org.apache.aries.jax.rs.whiteboard Factory PID for creating additional JAX-RS Whiteboard instances
Property Default Description
enabled true Enable or disable the whiteboard instance
default.application.base / Base for default application
application.base.prefix "" Prefix for application base
osgi.http.whiteboard.target (osgi.http.endpoint=*) Select the http whiteboard service if there are several
osgi.http.whiteboard.context.select new context per application Select the http whiteboard context to be used
servlet.init.hide-service-list-page true Hide the CXF service list
replace.loopback.address.with.localhost false Replace loopback addresses by localhost (e.g. by UriBuilder)
application.ready.service.filter A service that must be present in order for applications to get started

properties existing in the application service, as those in the whiteboard configuration, are used when the servlet contexts and servlets are registered.


The integrations folder contains OSGi enabled integrations for a variety of useful libraries that you might want to use with JAX-RS. In many cases these are just adding OSGi lifecycle and configuration to existing JAX-RS enabled libraries.


Execute the maven tasks mvn clean install.

Running the Example

The file jax-rs.example-run/example.jar should have been created.

Execute the following command:

java -jar jax-rs.example-run/example.jar


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