⚠️ typescript.java is now OUTDATED, it's recommended to use Eclipse Wild Web Developer instead


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Goal of typescript.java is to provide the capability to consume TypeScript language Service with tsserver in a Java context. Any Java IDE like Eclipse, Netbeans, WebStorm could consume typescript.java.

TypeScript IDE

On top of core module typescript.java provides an Eclipse IDE integration with TypeScript.

JSDT TypeScript Completion

TypeScript IDE provides the following features:

To install TypeScript IDE, please start to read Getting Started section.

This integration looks like tern.java; JSDT was extended (completion, hyperlink, hover, etc) to consumme the official TypeScript server tsserver.

Core Features

Once that TypeScript Service client which consumes tsserver is created with Java using core module, you can use it in any Java context (Eclipse, Netbeans, etc). typescript.java provides the capability to use TypeScript language Service with tsserver with SWT :

SWT TypeScript Editor

Similar Project


See https://github.com/BestSolution-at/java-tsserver which provides the capability to consume tsserver with Java. So why developping an another tsclient?


Those plugins provide a lot of advanced features for TypeScript (debug, refactoring, etc) compare to typescript.java. So why developping an another Eclipse Plugins?

Here my idea: