Android Things video call sample app using WebRTC


This Android Things sample app demonstrates how to establish WebRTC video call. It's based on the original WebRTC Android sample, slightly modified to easily run on Android Things devices. For simplicity it creates a WebRTC room with a random ID, which is shown on display and in logcat, and then auto-joins the room on boot. Now this room can be joined to establish a video call connection from either a web client at or an Android client running the original WebRTC sample by entering the same room ID.

Two WebRTC clients need to exchange session description when establishing video call connection via a signal server. This sample uses a hosted version of the WebRTC signaling server. Please refer to for more information on WebRTC signaling.


  1. Android Things compatible boards e.g. Raspberry Pi 3 or NXP boards
  2. Android Things compatible camera (for example, the Raspberry Pi 3 camera module)
  3. Android Studio 3+

WebRTC-specific dependencies

This sample has the following dependencies but they are either already included or directly linked so that no additional steps are necessary.

Build and Run

Build this app in Android Studio and run it on an Android Things board:

Join the room from another WebRTC client: