Bluetooth GATT Server Sample

This application demonstrates accessing the BluetoothGattServer Android API from within an Android Things application. The sample application advertises the Current Time Service, and implements the server role of the GATT Time Profile.


Getting Started

  1. Import the project using Android Studio and deploy it to your board. The sample will automatically enable the Bluetooth radio, start a GATT server, and begin advertising the Current Time Service.
  2. Install the Android BluetoothLeGatt client sample on your Android mobile device.
  3. Use the client app to scan and connect to your Android Things board, and inspect the services and characteristics exposed by the GATT server.
  4. Read the value of the Current Time characteristic (0x2A2B).
  5. Register for notifications on the Current Time characteristic. The client receives an update once per minute with the latest time.
  6. Manually set the time on your board. The time change triggers a notification to the client.

Setting the Time

You can set the system clock date/time manually on your Android Things board with the date shell command over ADB. By default, the command accepts a new date in the format:

# Reboot ADB into root mode
$ adb root

# Set the date to 2017/12/31 12:00:00
$ adb shell date 123112002017.00

Setting the Time Zone

You can set the system time zone manually by updating the persist.sys.timezone system property over ADB.

# Reboot ADB into root mode
$ adb root

# Set the time zone to US Mountain Time
$ adb shell setprop persist.sys.timezone "America/Denver"


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