Android Security Samples Repository

This repository contains a set of individual Android Studio projects to help you get started writing/understanding Android security features.

Android BiometricLogin Sample

This is the canonical sample that demonstrates how to integrate Android Biometrics into your apps. Whether your project is for government, healthcare, financial, enterprise, or general usage, this sample should guide your implementation.

Android DirectBoot Sample

This sample demonstrates how to store and access data in a device protected storage that is always available while the device is booted.

Android FIDO2 API Sample

A sample app showing how to register and authenticate with Public Key Credentials using the FIDO2 API.

FIDO2 API is used for devices running Android N (API level 24) or newer.

File Locker Sample

A sample that demonstrates how to use the Jetpack Security library to encrypt and decrypt files by implementing a simple note taking app.