AndroidX Test Library

The AndroidX Test Library provides an extensive framework for testing Android apps. This library provides a set of APIs that allow you to quickly build and run test code for your apps, including JUnit 4 and functional user interface (UI) tests. You can run tests created using these APIs from the Android Studio IDE or from the command line.

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We use the GitHub issue tracker for tracking feature requests and bugs.

Please see the AndroidX Test Discuss mailing list for general questions and discussion, and please direct specific questions to Stack Overflow.

Bazel integration

To depend on this repository in Bazel, add the following snippet to your WORKSPACE file:

ATS_TAG = "<release-tag>"
    name = "android_test_support",
    sha256 = "<sha256 of release>",
    strip_prefix = "android-test-%s" % ATS_TAG,
    urls = ["" % ATS_TAG],
load("@android_test_support//:repo.bzl", "android_test_repositories")