This project is abandoned and unlikely will be supported in future

HuntBugs 0.0.11

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New Java bytecode static analyzer tool based on Procyon Compiler Tools aimed to supersede the FindBugs. Currently in early development stage, though already could be tried.

Currently 222 FindBugs warnings reimplemented and several new warnings added.

Use with Maven

Compile project and run mvn one.util:huntbugs-maven-plugin:huntbugs

The output report is located in target/huntbugs/report.html

Use with Ant

<taskdef resource="one/util/huntbugs/ant/antlib.xml">
    <classpath path="path/to/huntbugs-ant-plugin-<version>-nodeps.jar"/>
<huntbugs classPath="${MY_APP_CLASSPATH}" 

Use with Gradle

Check the Gradle plugin page

Use with Eclipse

Check the Eclipse plugin page (in early development stage)

Exec as command-line tool

Command-line tool is mostly aimed to aid developers. Nevertheless you may use it if you like. To launch use mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="...args..." inside huntbugs subdirectory. Examples: