Orin is a music player based on Karim Abou Zeid\'s open source Phonograph music player, I always wanted to implement Aleksandar Tešić\'s designs of a music player that can be found here! https://material.uplabs.com/posts/a-music-player-in-material-design-a-concept, but haven\'t had the time to start one from scratch, so well I used Phonograph as a base , I dont have permissions to use these designs yet so I can\'t release the app on the Playstore


See demo by downloading Demo Apk

How to run

# Get the project
git clone https://github.com/aliumujib/Orin.git

# Change directory
cd Orin/app

# Change fabric key
cd replace YOUR_FABRIC_CRASHLYTICS_KEY_HERE with your own crashlytics key

# Open with android studio
import with Android Studio and do what you will


GNU General Public License v3.0

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