Discontinued. Version 3 development will be branched off of 2.x sometime after 2.2 has been finalized in the main RxJava repository.

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Preview for version 3 of RxJava, the modern ReactiveX style library for composing (a)synchronous sequences of data and events.


// shared components
compile "com.github.akarnokd:rxjava3-common:0.2.0"

// Flowable only
compile "com.github.akarnokd:rxjava3-flowable:0.2.0"

// Observable, Single, Maybe, Completable
compile "com.github.akarnokd:rxjava3-observable:0.2.0"

// Interoperation between Flowable and the rest
compile "com.github.akarnokd:rxjava3-interop:0.2.0"


This is an unofficial preparation place for RxJava 3 where the major change is the repackaging of certain components into separate libraries:


Work out how the snapshot release and final release works in RxJava 1/2's Nebula plugin

Currently, this preview releases manually and not in response to merging or hitting the GitHub release button. I don't really know which and how the unsupported Nebula plugin works and if it supports Gradle subprojects. Also due to the encrypted credentials, such auto-release must happen from within ReactiveX/RxJava.