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What is Airsonic-Advanced?

Airsonic-Advanced is a more modern implementation of the Airsonic fork with several key performance and feature enhancements. It adds and supersedes several features in Airsonic.

What is Airsonic?

Airsonic is a free, web-based media streamer, providing ubiquitous access to your music. Use it to share your music with friends, or to listen to your own music while at work. You can stream to multiple players simultaneously, for instance to one player in your kitchen and another in your living room.

Airsonic is designed to handle very large music collections (hundreds of gigabytes). Although optimized for MP3 streaming, it works for any audio or video format that can stream over HTTP, for instance AAC and OGG. By using transcoder plug-ins, Airsonic supports on-the-fly conversion and streaming of virtually any audio format, including WMA, FLAC, APE, Musepack, WavPack and Shorten.

If you have constrained bandwidth, you may set an upper limit for the bitrate of the music streams. Airsonic will then automatically resample the music to a suitable bitrate.

In addition to being a streaming media server, Airsonic works very well as a local jukebox. The intuitive web interface, as well as search and index facilities, are optimized for efficient browsing through large media libraries. Airsonic also comes with an integrated Podcast receiver, with many of the same features as you find in iTunes.

Written in Java, Airsonic runs on most platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix variants.


Feature Enhancements:

The following is an incomplete list of features that are enhanced from Airsonic:

The complete list of PRs that were used to enhance Airsonic can be seen on the PRs page. At some point an automatic changelog generator will be added to keep track.

Airsonic-Advanced will occasionally backport features introduced in the base Airsonic fork, but is generally much more modern and bleeding edge than Airsonic.


Airsonic-Advanced v10.6.x series (and its snapshots) are intercompatible with vanilla Airsonic 10.6.x series. This may not necessarily be the case with 11.x versions.

Also note that Airsonic-Advanced 11.x (and its snapshots) are breaking non-backwards-compatible version changes. You will not be able to revert back to 10.6.x after upgrading (the system does create a backup of the DB in case such revert is necessary, but it must be manually restored).

Stand-alone binaries

Airsonic-Advanced can be downloaded from GitHub.

The release signature may be verified using the public key.

You need a minimum Java Runtime Environment (JRE) of 1.8 for 10.6.x series and 11 for 11.x onwards (including snapshots). It is run similarly to (and in lieu of) vanilla Airsonic.

Read the compatibility notes.


Docker releases are at DockerHub.

Please note that for Docker images, the volume mounting points have changed and are different from Airsonic. Airsonic mount points are at /airsonic/* inside the container. Airsonic-Advanced tries to use the same volume locations as the default war image at /var/* in order to remain consistent if people want to switch between the containers and non-containers.

Also note that the Docker image will by default run as user root (0), group root (0), and so any files created in the external volume will be owned as such. You may change the user running the internal process in one of two ways:

Vanilla Airsonic can be downloaded from GitHub.

Please use the Airsonic documentation for instructions on running Airsonic. For the most part (currently) Airsonic-Advanced shares similar running instructions unless stated otherwise.

Compatibility Notes:

The following properties are new in Airsonic-Advanced:

The following property names are different between Airsonic and Airsonic-Advanced:

Note that Airsonic-Advanced communicates with its Web UI via websockets. If you're behind a proxy, you need to enable websockets and allow UPGRADE http requests through the proxy. A sample configuration is posted here: nginx sample

11.x series

Certain property names have been changed from 10.6 to recent snapshots of 11.0 and will be automigrated. When modifying properties, use the modern name.

Other properties are obsolete and have been removed:

First migration to 11.x will create a backup DB next to the DB folder. It will be marked as db.backup.<timestamp>. Use this folder as the DB if a revert to an older major version is needed (11.0 -> 10.6.0).


The original Subsonic is developed by Sindre Mehus. Subsonic was open source through version 6.0-beta1, and closed-source from then onwards.

Libresonic was created and maintained by Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr. It originated as an unofficial ("Kang") of Subsonic which did not contain the Licensing code checks present in the official builds. With the announcement of Subsonic's closed-source future, a decision was made to make a full fork and rebrand to Libresonic.

Around July 2017, it was discovered that Eugene had different intentions/goals for the project than some contributors had. Although the developers were hesitant to create a fork as it would fracture/confuse the community even further, it was deemed necessary in order to preserve a community-focused fork. To reiterate this more clearly:

Airsonic's goal is to provide a full-featured, stable, self-hosted media server based on the Subsonic codebase that is free, open source, and community driven.

Around November 2019, Airsonic-Advanced was forked off the base Airsonic fork due to differences in pace and review of development. Several key features of the framework were outdated, and attempts to upgrade them occasionally took upto a year. Airsonic-Advanced tries a modern implementation and bleeding edge approach to development, and is thus usually ahead of the base fork in dependencies and features.

Pull Requests are always welcome. All Pull Requests are reviewed before being merged to ensure we continue to meet our goals.


Airsonic-Advanced and Airsonic are free software and licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3. The code in this repository (and associated binaries) are free of any "license key" or other restrictions. If you wish to thank the maintainer of this repository, please consider a donation to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Subsonic source code was released under the GPLv3 through version 6.0-beta1. Beginning with 6.0-beta2, source is no longer provided. Binaries of Subsonic are only available under a commercial license. There is a Subsonic Premium service which adds functionality not available in Airsonic. Subsonic also offers RPM, Deb, Exe, and other pre-built packages that Airsonic currently does not.

The cover zooming feature is provided by jquery.fancyzoom, released under MIT License.

The icons are from the amazing feather project, and are licensed under MIT license.


Bugs/feature requests/discussions pertaining to Airsonic-Advanced may be raised as issues within GitHub on the Airsonic-Advanced project page.

Vanilla Airsonic itself has several places outside of GitHub for community discussion, questions, etc:

Note that the Matrix room and IRC channel are bridged together.