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Drift is an easy-to-use, annotation-based Java library for creating Thrift clients and serializable types. The client library is similar to JAX-RS (HTTP Rest) and the serialization library is similar to JaxB (XML) and Jackson (JSON), but for Thrift.


The following interface defines a client for a Scribe server:

public interface Scribe
    ResultCode log(List<LogEntry> messages);

The log method above uses the LogEntry Thrift struct which is defined as follows:

public class LogEntry
    private final String category;
    private final String message;

    public LogEntry(String category, String message)
        this.category = category;
        this.message = message;

    public String getCategory()
        return category;

    public String getMessage()
        return message;

An instance of the Scribe client can be created using a DriftClientFactory:

// create a client
Scribe scribe = clientFactory.createDriftClient(Scribe.class);

// use client
scribe.log(Arrays.asList(new LogEntry("category", "message")));

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