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A platform for transforming command-line applications into a job service.

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📖 Documentation, ⭐️ Demo

Jobson is a platform (backend webserver, frontend UI, and command-line client) that transforms command-line applications into a web-ready job service. Jobson's goal is to make it easy to share existing applications across the web without requiring a lot of server expertise. It was started in 2017 as internal software for handling scientific data requests for the Gaia satellite mission. Because it solves a general problem (turning arbitrary CLI applications into a web service) it was subsequently open-sourced in 2018.

Jobson generates a standard web service from a job specification file:

name: Trivial Application
description: Echoes supplied message to stdout

- id: message
  type: string
  name: Message
  description: The message to echo
  default: Hello, world!

  application: echo
  - ${inputs.message}


See documentation for comprehensive walkthrough.

Requires java (8+):

# install and add to PATH
tar xvf jobson-nix-1.0.8.tar.gz
export PATH=$PATH:jobson-nix-1.0.8/bin

# create demo workspace
jobson new --demo

# generate new spec
jobson generate spec someSpec

# edit
#nano specs/someSpec/spec.yml

# validate 
jobson validate spec someSpec

# host JSON API for running job
jobson serve config.yml

See installation documentation for details.