OACC Java Application Security Framework

What is OACC?

OACC - pronounced [oak] - is a fully featured API to both enforce and manage your application's authentication and authorization needs.

In a nutshell, OACC provides permission-based authorization services and allows your application to enforce security by answering the question:

Is entity 'A' allowed to perform action 'p' on entity 'B'?


Learn more about all of OACC's authorization and authentication features on the Features page of the project website.


OACC is open source software released under the commercial friendly Apache License, Version 2.0.

Supported Environments

OACC persists all security relationships in database tables and currently supports the following databases:

OACC is compatible with Java™ SE 7 (Java™ version 1.7.0), or higher.

Get Started

The easiest way to include the latest OACC release into your project is to declare the following Maven coordinates as a dependency in your POM file:


To install, configure and initialize the OACC database, please refer to the Get Started Tutorial on the project website.

The SecureTodo sample application illustrates how to integrate OACC into a Java application and how to address several real-world authorization scenarios. The writeup is also available in the Github repository that contains the full source code.


You can find more information about OACC, including the latest Javadocs, releases, and tutorials on the project website: oaccframework.org.

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