This is the home for the EclipseGraphviz project, originally on SourceForge.

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EclipseGraphviz is an Eclipse plug-in that provides a Java API for Graphviz and an Image Viewer view that allows easily visualizing the graphical output of your .dot files as you save changes to them.

Installing EclipseGraphviz


Install Eclipse

Method 1: Installation via Eclipse Marketplace (preferred)

If you have the Eclipse Marketplace client installed, that is the easiest way to install EclipseGraphviz. Just search for the "TextUML Toolkit" (EclipseGraphviz ships as part of it), and install it directly. You can install EclipseGraphviz and skip installing the TextUML Toolkit if you prefer (what is the TextUML Toolkit?).

Method 2: Installation via Update Manager


Method 3: Installation from local archived repository

Some strict proxies may prevent applications (such as Eclipse) from downloading .zip files (such as the EclipseGraphviz repository). For example, if you consistently see the Eclipse Marketplace client (method 1) or Update Manager (method 2) failing with errors like these:

Communication with repository at jar:!/content.xml.xz failed.
root cause
Caused by: Read timed out

you can use this workaround:

Note to Windows users: you might need to download and install the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)" as mentioned in the Graphviz for Windows download page. From user reports, it seems XP usually requires that package to be installed, while Vista does not.

Configure EclipseGraphviz

Once Graphviz is installed, you may need to tell EclipseGraphviz where to find it. Open the Graphviz preference page in Eclipse and enter the location for the dot executable.

Using EclipseGraphviz

How are diagrams rendered?

EclipseGraphviz provides an "Image Viewer" view that will show a rendered diagram whenever a .dot file is selected or an editor loaded with a .dot file is currently selected (saving triggers updates). To open the Image Viewer, go Window > Show view > Other... > EclipseGraphviz > Image viewer.


Preferences page

Preferences Page

Allows configuring how to find Graphviz and global options for the dot tool.

Browsing files

Browsing dot files

The Image Viewer view automatically renders diagrams as you select .dot files in Eclipse.

Editing files

Editing dot files

The Image Viewer view automatically renders diagrams as you edit .dot files in an Eclipse editor (updating as you save your changes).