Track My Location

This is a simple android app where you can brodcast your location and everyone who has your dynamically generated unique key can track you in near real-time.

I created this project just for learning puposes particularly about firebase (firestore db), google maps api and google location api.



How it works?

Hot to integrate Google Maps & Location API

To use google maps in an android app you can use SupportMapFragment or MapView


Add permisions for coase and fine location also add meta-data tag for API key

Integrate Google Play Services for Firebase into android project

enter the app package name & SHA-1 key (optional for firebase auth)

Getting API Key for Google Maps & Location

  1. Select one of the application restrictions (in this case Android)
  2. Insert your android app package name
  3. Insert SHA-1 fingerprint of your app
  4. Click Save button

  • To get SHA-1 key you can use your android studo by opening your particular project -> select signingReport gradle task -> copy & paste the SHA-1 key into the android app restriction form