Wikidata Toolkit

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Wikidata Toolkit is a Java library for accessing Wikidata and other Wikibase installations. It can be used to create bots, to perform data extraction tasks (e.g., convert all data in Wikidata to a new format), and to do large-scale analyses that are too complex for using a simple SPARQL query service.


License and Credits

Authors: Markus Kroetzsch, Julian Mendez, Fredo Erxleben, Michael Guenther, Markus Damm, Antonin Delpeuch, Thomas Pellissier Tanon and other contributors

License: Apache 2.0

The development of Wikidata Toolkit has been partially funded by the Wikimedia Foundation under the Wikibase Toolkit Individual Engagement Grant, and by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under Emmy Noether grant KR 4381/1-1 "DIAMOND".