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Qualitis is a data quality management platform that supports quality verification, notification, and management for various datasource. It is used to solve various data quality problems caused by data processing.

Based on Spring Boot, Qualitis submits quality model task to Linkis platform. It provides functions such as data quality model construction, data quality model execution, data quality verification, reports of data quality generation and so on.

At the same time, Qualitis provides enterprise-level features of financial-level resource isolation, management and access control. It is also guaranteed working well under high-concurrency, high-performance and high-availability scenarios.


Compared with similar systems


Quick Deploy
User Manual
Architecture Design

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Road Map

1. Support Verification in Report Data

2. Support Verification in Multi-Storage

3. Support generating data quality report

Supports generating data quality reports with optional latitude.

4. Support intelligent discovery of data quality problems


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Linkis is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.


Because the front-end code of Qualitis is FES, a front-end framework developed by WeBank, but the FES framework is not currently open source, so the front-end code of Qualitis is not open source for the time being. We will promote Qualitis's front-end open source as soon as possible. We are very sorry about this.

You can download the source code and unzip web/app/src/main/resources/static/ to get the compiled front-end code, or use it directly by downloading the release.