Twelve-Factor Applications with Liberty Build Status

Deploy to Bluemix

This GitHub repository contains an example of a Twelve-Factor application. This is the corresponding sample to the post on WASDev titled Creating a 12-factor application with WAS Liberty. It is a very simple application that was created to examine the characteristics of a Twelve-Factor application.

A Twelve-Factor application, as defined by, has characteristics that are ideal for developing individual microservices. To summarize briefly, a twelve-factor application:

  1. is stored in a single codebase, tracked in a version control system: one codebase, many deployments.
  2. has explicitly declared and isolated external dependencies
  3. has deployment-specific configuration stored in environment variables, and not in the code
  4. treats backing services (e.g. data stores, message queues, etc.) as attached/replaceable resources
  5. is built in distinct stages (build, release, run), with strict separation between them (no knock-on effects or cycles)
  6. runs as one or more stateless processes that share nothing, and assume process memory is transient
  7. is completely self-contained, and provides a service endpoint on well-defined (environment determined) host and port
  8. is managed and scaled via process instances (horizontal scaling)
  9. is disposable, with minimal startup, graceful shutdown, and toleration for abrupt process termination
  10. is designed for continuous development/deployment, with minimal difference between the app in development and the app in production
  11. treats logs as event streams: the outer/hosting environment deals with processing and routing log files.
  12. keeps one-off admin scripts with the application, to ensure the admin scripts run with the same environment as the application itself.

This sample contains a Twelve-Factor Application that can be run on WAS Liberty and Bluemix.

Once the server has been started, go to http://localhost:9082/12-factor-application/ to view the sample locally or the route of your application to view the sample being hosted on Bluemix.


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