Source code of the VOWL plugin for Protégé.

Note that ProtégéVOWL has some knwon has some known bugs and does not implement all visual elements defined in the VOWL specification. A more complete implementation of VOWL is provided by the web application [WebVOWL] (

See for more information on ProtégéVOWL and WebVOWL.

Developer Setup


Java JDK is required for the ProtégéVOWL build.

Eclipse Setup

There are several options if you want to use Eclipse as IDE. You need to select the Import within Eclipse and select the Maven, Existing Maven Projects option and select the ProtégéVOWL Git Repository. Eclipse will automatically suggest to import pom.xml

Maven Build

Some steps are required to build ProtégéVOWL with Maven. If you use Eclipse you need to run the pom.xml as Maven build and you may need to select JDK as Alternate JRE. In addition you need to add the goals clean compile package. You will find the compiled packaged within the target folder.

Copy to Protege

To copy the build result to your Protégé installation you need to add install to your maven goals. In addition you have to add the parameter protege.home which leads to your Protégé installation. If you remove the install goal the build result is not copied to Protégé.