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Client-side and server-side ViaVersion implementation for Fabric

Allows the connection to/from different Minecraft versions on your Minecraft client/server (LAN worlds too)

This mod supports 1.14.4/1.15.x (on ver/1.14 branch) and 1.16 snapshots (on master branch) with Fabric Loader. Check the Minecraft version in file name when downloading from GitHub Releases.

Note: ViaVersion is not designed for modded Minecraft with registry synchronization (fabric-registry-sync mod).

Dependencies: Dependency Download
ViaVersion 3.0.2+ dev build at
Fabric Textures v0
Fabric Resource Loader v0
Fabric Command API v1
(Included) Cotton Client Commands

With ViaVersion:

Adding ViaBackwards (and optionally ViaRewind):

A chart with compatible versions is available at



Alternatives to this mod:


I cannot guarantee that this mod is allowed on every (or even any) server. This mod may cause problems with anti cheat plugins. USE AT OWN RISK