Blade Player


Blade is a free and open source simple music player built for Android devices. Blade is developed to allow songs to be played from local user libraries and other third-party sources which includes Spotify and Deezer.

Blade is now available on Google Play

Blade-Player features

Blade-Player contain features that makes it an ideal simple music player.

Blade has several themes out of the box : classic, nightly, dark, red, green...

Song list contains the list of all the songs in your library. Artists list groups all the artists of songs in the library. Album list contains the list of albums. These lists are sorted according to the metadata or information of the music file,

Already created playlists are available in the music player and new playlists can be created in the app by adding a song from the songs list to a playlist and creating a new one.

Used to quickly search for songs, artists or albums in the library. 2 search modes : local search (will search on your local/Spotify/Deezer library) and web search (will also search on Spotify and Deezer (can take a little bit of time if you have a bad connection)).


Latest Release (Google Play) Latest Release (v 1.5) (APK) Mirror (APK)

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Contributions to Blade-Player are welcomed. If you want to work on it, you can send me a mail at [email protected] or talk to me on GitHub. You can open an issue for suggestions or bug reports.