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A web crawler is a bot program that fetches resources from the web for the sake of building applications like search engines, knowledge bases, etc. Sparkler (contraction of Spark-Crawler) is a new web crawler that makes use of recent advancements in distributed computing and information retrieval domains by conglomerating various Apache projects like Spark, Kafka, Lucene/Solr, Tika, and pf4j. Sparkler is an extensible, highly scalable, and high-performance web crawler that is an evolution of Apache Nutch and runs on Apache Spark Cluster.


Sparkler is being proposed to Apache Incubator. Review the proposal document and provide your suggestions here here Will be done later, eventually!

Notable features of Sparkler:

Quick Start: Running your first crawl job in minutes

To use sparkler, install docker and run the below commands:

# Step 0. Get this script
# Step 1. Run the script - it starts docker container and forwards ports to host
# Step 2. Inject seed urls
/data/sparkler/bin/ inject -id 1 -su ''
# Step 3. Start the crawl job
/data/sparkler/bin/ crawl -id 1 -tn 100 -i 2     # id=1, top 100 URLs, do -i=2 iterations

Running Sparkler with seed urls file:

1. Follow Steps 0-1
2. Create a file name seed-urls.txt using Emacs editor as follows:     
       a. emacs sparkler/bin/seed-urls.txt 
       b. copy paste your urls 
       c. Ctrl+x Ctrl+s to save  
       d. Ctrl+x Ctrl+c to quit the editor [Reference:]

* Note: You can use Vim and Nano editors also or use: echo -e "\n" >> seedfile.txt command.

3. Inject seed urls using the following command, (assuming you are in sparkler/bin directory) 
$bash inject -id 1 -sf seed-urls.txt
4. Start the crawl job.

To crawl until the end of all new URLS, use -i -1, Example: /data/sparkler/bin/ crawl -id 1 -i -1

Access the dashboard http://localhost:8983/banana/ (forwarded from docker image). The dashboard should look like the one in the below:


Making Contributions:

Contact Us

Any questions or suggestions are welcomed in our mailing list [email protected] Alternatively, you may use the slack channel for getting help