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Spring Boot 2 Fundamentals

You will begin the Spring Boot Fundamentals course by learning how to write and test simple code using the Spring Framework and then use this skill to learn advanced concepts, such as creating an HTML-based frontend with dynamic data and HTML forms. Then, you will create a simple, working, web interface to display blog posts, list all articles, and create and edit blog articles. You will learn to work with the REST API functionality that Spring Boot offers and secure your blogging application. At the end of the course, you will learn how to persist your blog posts in a database, bringing everything together as a full web application with the complete functionality of a professional solution.

Spring Boot 2 Fundamentals by Patrick Cornelißen, Michael Piefel, and Alexander Sparkowsky.

What you will learn

Hardware requirements

For an optimal student experience, we recommend the following hardware configuration:

Software requirements

You’ll also need the following software installed in advance: