Noyze Volume Panel

The customizable no-root volume panel replacement for Android 4.3+


You can download the latest release build of Noyze on APK Shared.


Developed with love by Tom Barrasso. Noyze is a volume panel replacement for Android 4.3+. It uses Accessibility to override how the system responds to the volume buttons. It responds by presenting a heads-up display (popup window) with information about the current volume level(s).

Additionally, Noyze offers refined control over how volume buttons look and behave. It comes pre-built with a number of themes and settings as well as music controls. Noyze solves the problem of a volume panel that only gets in the way. It also allows you to pick a style that fits your current setup.



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If you're using this code in your project, please let me know! Attribution would be much appreciated.