libGDX extension providing cross-platform support for native dialogs

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Current stable: 1.3.0 (Snapshot versions are no longer provided)

Supported Platforms

Android, iOS, iOS-MOE, Desktop (kinda) Desktop show Java UI Dialogs which usually dont fit very well in desktop game. I added Desktop support mainly to make testing while developing easier.


libGDX 1.9.3+, Android API 9+, ios 6+, ios-moe 9+

Currently available dialog types

  1. ButtonDialog: shows a dialog with 1-3 buttons for the user to click.
  2. ProgressDialog: Shows dialog with a progress wheel. Not cancelable by the user.
  3. TextPrompt: On screen display with text input.



Add this to your build.gradle core dependencies

compile "de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-core:1.3.0"


Add this to your build.gradle android dependencies

compile "de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-android:1.3.0"

Copy the /gdx-dialogs-android/res folder from this project to your android project. Keep the directory structure.

You can edit the /gdx-dialogs-android/res/values-v11/styles.xml if you want use another theme like Holo.Light

If your project already has styles.xml file make sure you merge what you need from both files.


Add this to your robovm.xml


Add this to your build.gradle ios dependencies

compile "de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-ios:1.3.0"


Add this to your build.gradle ios-moe dependencies

compile "de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-ios-moe:1.3.0"


Add this to your build.gradle desktop dependencies

compile "de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-desktop:1.3.0"


Add this to your build.gradle html dependencies

compile "de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-html:1.3.0"
compile "de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-core:1.3.0:sources"
compile "de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-html:1.3.0:sources"

Add this to your GdxDefinition.gwt.xml

<inherits name='de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs.html.gdx_dialogs_html' />
<inherits name="de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs.core.gdx_dialogs_core" />


View the gdx-dialogs sample app


GDXDialogs dialogs = GDXDialogsSystem.install();


GDXButtonDialog bDialog = dialogs.newDialog(GDXButtonDialog.class);
bDialog.setTitle("Buy a item");
bDialog.setMessage("Do you want to buy the mozarella?");

bDialog.setClickListener(new ButtonClickListener() {

    public void click(int button) {
        // handle button click here

bDialog.addButton("Yes, nomnom!");;


GDXProgressDialog progressDialog = dialogs.newDialog(GDXProgressDialog.class);

progressDialog.setMessage("Loading new level from server...");;


GDXTextPrompt textPrompt = dialogs.newDialog(GDXTextPrompt.class);

textPrompt.setTitle("Your name");
textPrompt.setMessage("Please tell me your name.");

textPrompt.setConfirmButtonLabel("Save name");

textPrompt.setTextPromptListener(new TextPromptListener() {

    public void confirm(String text) {
      // do something with the user input

    public void cancel() {
      // handle input cancel

Open GL Context

Sometimes you want to call a method within one of your listeners which requires OpenGL context from the libgdx main thread. Since all dialogs run in their own thread (without OpenGL context) you have to make sure your method runs in the main thread by wrapping as postRunnable:

dialog.setClickListener(new ButtonClickListener() {
    public void click(int button) { Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                // call the a method which requires OpenGL context.

Create your own dialogs.

In case you require are certain dialog (F.e. DatePicker, ProgressBar, ....) which is not supported by gdx-dialogs yet you can write your own dialog.

  1. Create a interface like this (in core project): GDXButtonDialog
  2. Create the implementation for Android like this (in android project): AndroidGDXButtonDialog
  3. Create the implementation for Desktop like this (in desktop project): DesktopGDXButtonDialog
  4. Create the implementation for iOS like this (in ios project): IOSGDXButtonDialog
  5. Create a fallback implementation with empty methods (in core project): FallbackGDXButtonDialog

If your dialog is written register it like this:

if( == ApplicationType.Android) {
    dialogs.registerDialog("package.for.your.dialog.interface.GDXButtonDialog", "package.for.your.dialog.os.specific.implementation.AndroidGDXButtonDialog");

else if( == ApplicationType.Desktop) {
    dialogs.registerDialog("package.for.your.dialog.interface.GDXButtonDialog", "package.for.your.dialog.os.specific.implementation.DesktopGDXButtonDialog");

else if( == ApplicationType.iOS) {
    dialogs.registerDialog("package.for.your.dialog.interface.GDXButtonDialog", "package.for.your.dialog.os.specific.implementation.IOSGDXButtonDialog");

else {
    dialogs.registerDialog("package.for.your.dialog.interface.GDXButtonDialog", "package.for.your.dialog.os.specific.implementation.FallbackGDXButtonDialog");

Use your own dialog:

dialogs.newDialog(GDXButtonDialog.class); // Use your dialog interface here

Note: Every platform specific implementation must have constructor even if it is empty. Android implementations must have a contructor accepting Activity parameter.

Increase your karma points :) Share your dialog with us, add it to this repository and make a Pull Request.

Release History

Release history for major milestones (available via Maven):

Reporting Issues

Something not working quite as expected? Do you need a feature that has not been implemented yet? Check the issue tracker and add a new one if your problem is not already listed. Please try to provide a detailed description of your problem, including the steps to reproduce it.


Awesome! If you would like to contribute with a new feature or a bugfix, fork this repo and submit a pull request.


The gdx-dialogs project is licensed under the Apache 2 License, meaning you can use it free of charge, without strings attached in commercial and non-commercial projects. We love to get (non-mandatory) credit in case you release a game or app using gdx-dialogs!