Since people have given me a lotta shit about the license and other stuff - lemme spell out what is going on.

The port of Levels 2 which was floating around ported the mod illegally (by GPL's standards). I removed it because it was a shitty version of Levels 2 and apparently had several bugs and issues. I've been on and off trying to update Levels 3, but I'm also trying to cut back how much time I'm spending modding (with work and school), and with LSC taking up a lot of time, I don't have much time to work on Levels 3 - if anyone wants to take over the mod, send me a message please. I'd be interested in handing the project off to someone else.


A small, Minecraft mod focused around the aspect of weapon and armor leveling.

Source Code

To view the source code, navigate between the desired branches, and the source will be viewable there. The master branch of this project is simply just used for information and miscellaneous mod-wide files.

About Levels

Levels is an innovative mod, centered around the concept of leveling systems, combined with adding many new features to the combat system within Minecraft. With Levels, you will be able to level up all of your weapons, swords and axes, along with tools and armor. On top of this, enemies will also become leveled, giving the option of a more challenging experience.

Through all of these additions, Levels strives to create a unique system in which allows your weapons to become fully customizable and insanely powerful. On top of that, we are striving to create something highly adaptable, in other words, compatible with almost every other mod that adds weapons, tools, armors, and even monsters.

A wiki implementation will be added here soon, for further information.


At the base of the mod, Levels implements a rarity system. This system essentially determines how powerful the base stats of the item or monster are, with higher rarities being more powerful, while being much more rare. On top of this, items will also be able to gain experience, earn levels, and unlock powerful abilities for you to explore and use.

Setting up a Workspace/Compiling from Source

Perhaps you are interested in getting the most up to date version of the mod possible, or are interested in modifying the mod to fit your own standards, here are some basic instructions for getting started.

Distributing a customized version of Levels publicly is forbidden. You may, however, use your customized version and share it with friends privately. You also may not distribute a compiled version of the mod yourself either. If you have any questions regarding this, just let me know.

Issue Reporting

Please follow this format, even if loosely, when reporting issues. This just saves myself time asking you questions about what version you are running and things like that.


All official downloads can be found via CurseForge. Levels is also dependent on xLib. Make sure you have the right version installed!