Extra type mapping for PostgreSQL-specific types such as hstore and inet for Hibernate.

I haven't written most of the code: I've just scoured the web for code that's already been written and tried to put it in one place.

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Java Source

    @TypeDef(name = "hstore", typeClass = com.github.thealchemist.pg_hibernate.HstoreType.class),
    @TypeDef(name = "inet", typeClass = com.github.thealchemist.pg_hibernate.InetAddressType.class)
public class LoggedAction implements Serializable {
  @Type(type = "hstore")
  @Column(name="row_data", columnDefinition="hstore")
  private Map<String, String> rowData;

  @Column(name="client_addr", columnDefinition="inet")
  private InetAddress clientAddr;

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Hibernate 5 Support

Hibernate 5 is supported starting with version 1.0.16

Full List of Supported Types

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