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SmartCity-Parking Management

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Smart Parking system is a dynamic management system of pricing for parking slots within the Technion. Every parking has a ranking, indicating the 'value' of the parking, and a ratting, indicating the 'value' the users find in this particular parking slot. The pricing system is dynamic, and can be adjusyrd accourding to the need. For example, one way to price the slots, is to give all of them the same, constant price. Another way, is to calculate the price accourding to the distance from the destination, with respect to the constant rank. A different way is to base the pricing on the user's ratting.

Given the location, date and time and the customer details, the system will provide the relevant parking slots available for parking, and it costs. The system will present a map of the Technion with mapping of the parking slots, so the consumer can easily select the desired slot.

The Technion aims to maximize the occupancy of the parking spaces at the Technion along the clock by dynamically dividing the parking areas to the various ranking - hence, controlling the price and the demand. The system can easily be configured with an another pricing criteria, to best match the need.