Talend Open Studio for ESB

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This repository contains the source files for Talend Open Studio for ESB.

Repository Structure

All Talend Studio repositories follow the same file structure:

  |_ main          Main Eclipse plugins and features
    |_ features
    |_ plugins
  |_ test          Eclipse plugins and features for unit tests.
      |_ features
      |_ plugins
  |_ i18n          Internationalization plugins and features.
      |_ features
      |_ plugins

How to build projects

Follow the instructions at Talend/studio-se-master and run the following from inside the studio-se-master repository.

mvn clean install \
    -Dtos.esb=true \
    -Dtos.bd=false \
    -Dtos.di=false \
    -Dtos.dq=false \


You can download this product from the Talend website.

Usage and Documentation

Documentation is available on Talend Help Center.


You can ask for help on our Forum.


We welcome contributions of all kinds from anyone.

Using the Talend bugtracker is the best channel for bug reports and feature requests. Use GitHub to submit pull requests.

Feel free to share your Talend components on Talend Exchange.


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Licensed under the Apache V2 License