Glide Support Application

Android application to test out ideas from the issues related to Glide.

I use it to try the feasibility of my ideas which then make it to the issue description usually. This is a fully functioning app that you can build and deploy to your phone and use as a source of Glide tricks.

This repository is not meant to replace the Glide issue tracker, Glide library group or StackOverflow, it is meant to augment them and provide more publicly available Glide code examples.

Please refrain from opening issues here that are Glide related, use the other channels to get answers.

Any pull requests are welcome if you can improve the quality or reproducibility of the ideas or just have some Glide related code you want to share. Feel free to create a new package under random and create an Activity or Fragment to demonstrate something.


The application has two flavors glide3 and glide4 for 3.+ and 4.+ versions respectively. At the time of me writing this most of the issues and hence solutions are for Glide v3, because v4 is in alpha stage and it is not released yet.

Issue Trackers

While I said it is for issue tracker ideas I also used it to try out ideas for other sources, here are the meanings of the packages:

All packages start with _ because Java identifiers cannot start with numbers.


I'm using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 16 EAP to maintain this so it'll likely "just work" with that, with anything else you're mostly on your own, but feel free to open an issue though if you need help.

It's using Google's official Gradle plugin to build, you can find the setup in app/build.gradle

To consume a Gradle SNAPSHOT built locally create a file:




Running a sample

There's a list of the issue demonstrations so most likely a tap is enough to try out a sample.

The default QuickFragment and QuickModule are there to quickly test if something would compile with potential of running it too, there's a separate launcher for this.

It's possible to bring an item to the top of the list by adding it to the AndroidManifest.xml as favoredClass, the default is the QuickFragment. It's useful for testing with a clean slate because on each selection of a list item an attempt is made to tear down Glide and re-setup with the correct GlideModules.

This should cover most of the issue type, if anything special is needed some code probably need to be modified.

License and stuff

This repository is unlicensed, meaning you can do anything with it, but there are no guarantees.

This is not officially related to Glide and there's no guarantee that all issues will have some code here as there's no point in reproducing everyone's issues individually.