libGDX In-Game Console

This is a libGDX library that allows a developer to add a console (similar to how it is featured in Source games) to their game. Check out the changelog at my website!

How it works

Essentially what the console allows you to do is specify commands that you will be able to access from within the game, using the console. The console also enables live logging from within the application.


This console speeds up development substantially by removing the need to recompile a program every time a minute change is made, specifically in regard to manipulating constants or other values when balancing a game, for example.



Add the following line to your build.gradle file under the dependencies section of the core project:
compile "com.strongjoshua:libgdx-inGameConsole:{version}"
Replace {version} with the newest version number!

Then simply right-click the project and choose Gradle->Refresh All.


Right-click on your project and choose Maven->Add Dependency and search for strongjoshua. Make sure to choose the most recent version if multiple appear!


First, clone this project to your computer and add it to Eclipse. Then simply click on your project, and choose Build Path->Configure Build Path. Then go to Projects->Add and add the cloned project.


Latest Stable: 1.0.0
Latest Snapshot:

How the Numbers Work

First Digit

This digit goes up whenever I feel that the project has reached a milestone and/or no longer resembles the first version in it's current digit (e.g.: 0.13.3 is completely different from 0.1.0).

Second Digit

This digit goes up whenever a new feature is added, but if two or more features are added in one group of updates, this digit will still only rise by one. This number resets to 0 when the first digit goes up.

Third Digit

This digit goes up whenever a bugfix is released. This number resets to 0 when the second digit goes up.


Copyright 2015

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