I was annoyed at the lack of a suitable (Pinta is a glitchy nightmare, GIMP is overcomplicated and not very useful for pixel art, etc.) equivalent of Paint.NET for Linux, and was unable to do pixel art for my games. If you want something done well, you have to do it yourself it seems.

I'll put up a changelog here at some point.


Note that most contributors are probably looking to develop on the editing functions rather than the framework of the application itself. If this includes you, head over to the Core plugin repository and see the instructions there. You will still be required to set up Spade for development.

  1. Clone the repository (git clone
  2. Import the source into the IDE of your choice.
  3. Add lib/weblaf-XXX.jar to the build path of the project.
  4. Run (Found in src/heroesgrave/spade/main/). Make sure it works. If it doesn't and you can't work out why, create an issue.
  5. (Optional) You will probably want to install the Core plugin, which contains the majority of the editing functions. More information is available here.
  6. Make whatever changes you want.
  7. Commit your changes and make a pull request.


These people have done significant amounts of work towards Spade out of their own time.

Other Contributors

While these people have not quite done as much as the supercontributors above, the help they have provided is still highly appreciated.

Special thanks to all people who have contributed to the project in one way or another.