SmartThings SmartApp SDK Java (Preview) SmartThings Java

Known Vulnerabilities

Welcome! This SDK is currently in preview and is not recommended for use in production applications at this time. We welcome your bug reports, feature requests, and contributions.

This SDK includes a set of JVM libraries for building webhook and AWS Lambda SmartApps, and interacting with the public SmartThings REST API.


Adding the SDK to your build

Several artifacts are published to the Maven central repository under the com.smartthings.sdk group.

Import the library dependencies as needed:

Apache Maven ```xml com.smartthings.sdk smartapp-core 0.0.4-PREVIEW pom ```
Gradle Groovy DSL ```groovy implementation 'com.smartthings.sdk:smartapp-core:0.0.4-PREVIEW' ```

If you prefer, the artifacts can be downloaded directly from Maven Central.

Getting Started

What is a SmartApp?

SmartApps are an example of a SmartThings Automation. Automations allow users to control the SmartThings ecosystem without manual intervention. Creating a SmartApp allows you to control and get status notifications from SmartThings devices using the SmartThings REST API.

Webhook SmartApps are any publicly-accessible web server that will receive a POST request payload.

AWS Lambda SmartApps are hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud and are invoked by ARN instead of a public-DNS address.

automation smartapp

To learn more about what a SmartApp is and how you can create interesting automations, please visit the developer portal documentation.


Take a quick look at how SmartApps are declared in various languages.

Kotlin (click to toggle) ```kotlin package app val smartApp: SmartApp = SmartApp.of { spec -> spec .configuration(Configuration()) .install { Response.ok(InstallResponseData()) } .update { Response.ok(UpdateResponseData()) } .event { Response.ok(EventResponseData()) } .uninstall { Response.ok(UninstallResponseData()) } } fun Application.main() { install(Routing) { post("/smartapp") { call.respond(smartApp.execute(call.receive())) } } } ```
Groovy (click to toggle) ```groovy SmartApp smartApp = SmartApp.of { spec -> spec .install({ req -> // create subscriptions Response.ok() }) .update({ req -> // delete subscriptions // create subscriptions Response.ok() }) .configuration({ req -> ConfigurationResponseData data = ...// build config Response.ok(data) }) .event(EventHandler.of { eventSpec -> eventSpec .onSubscription("switch", { event -> // do something }) .onSchedule("nightly", { event -> // do something }) .onEvent( { event -> // test event true }, { event -> // do something } ) }) } ```
Java (click to toggle) ```java private final SmartApp smartApp = SmartApp.of(spec -> spec .install(request -> { return Response.ok(); }) .update(request -> { return Response.ok(UpdateResponseData.newInstance()); }) .configuration(request -> { return Response.ok(ConfigurationReponseData.newInstance()); }) .event(request -> { EventData eventData = request.getEventData(); EventHandler.of(eventSpec -> eventSpec .onEvent(event -> { // when this predicate is true... return true; }, event -> { // something with event }) .onSchedule("nightly", event -> { // do something }) .onSubscription("switch", event -> { // do something }) ); return Response.ok(EventResponseData.newInstance()); }) ); ```

Runnable Examples

Several simple examples of using the sdk are included in the examples directory.

kotlin-smartapp (Documentation) kotlin-logo ktor-logo

This Kotlin example implements the Java smartapp-core library with a simple Ktor server.

java-ratpack-guice-smartapp (Documentation) java-logo ratpack-logo

This Java example implements the Java smartapp-core library with a Ratpack server and uses Guice for dependency management.

java-springboot-smartapp (Documentation) java-logo spring-logo

This Java example implements the Java smartapp-core library using Spring Boot.

java-lambda-smartapp (Documentation) java-logo aws-logo

This Java example implements the Java smartapp-core library as an AWS Lambda.



smartapp-core (Documentation)

Core SmartApp framework. Provides abilities for defining a SmartApp that could be used in many environments - AWS Lambda / Dropwizard / Ratpack / etc

smartthings-client (Documentation)

An API library that provides useful utilities for working with the Subscription / Schedules / Device APIs

Extension Libraries

smartapp-guice (Documentation)

An extension library that provides support for building a SmartApp with Guice dependency injection.

smartapp-spring (Documentation)

An extension library that provides support for building a SmartApp with Spring dependency injection.

smartapp-contextstore-dynamodb (Documentation)

An extension library that implements a context store using DynamoDB.

More about SmartThings

If you are not familiar with SmartThings, we have extensive on-line documentation.

To create and manage your services and devices on SmartThings, create an account in the developer workspace.

The SmartThings Community is a good place share and ask questions.

There is also a SmartThings reddit community where you can read and share information.

License and Copyright

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Copyright 2019 SmartThings, Inc.